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We offer a range of post-production services across all areas of video production. Blink Vivid is made up of a skilled team of industry professionals that can work to your specific post-production needs. Whether you require audio mixing and mastering, music production, or animation and motion graphics - we've got you covered.

Get in touch with your specific project post-production needs and a member of our team will guide you through the exact services we can provide, giving you peace of mind that your project is in safe hands.

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Hand your footage over to our professional video editing service and discover just how much it can shine. Our trusted professional video editing team will work with you to produce a product you are proud of.



Whether you need audio cleaning up, mastering, or re-editing to include a voiceover or atmospheric element we can provide an audio mixing and mastering service that suits your needs.



We provide a professional music composition service to suit your needs. We can compose a score to your film, or produce an original ‘jingle’ with our experienced in house music composer.

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Motion graphics can provide another dimension to your video and can be made specifically to explain a key concept or service. Let us bring your logos and visuals to life with motion graphics.

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We are well connected with skilled animators that can elevate your video production. With multiple artists of different styles at the ready, we can provide you with options so you get to choose.



Documentary filmmaking has provided us with valuable experience in subtitling for film and video. Subtitling for social media videos is standard practice in the modern world, and we can also provide subtitle translation services.

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Professional support for your project.

Like so many others, we have had personal projects that sit in that post-production stage, gathering dust for far too long. Reaching out and getting support in the post-production stage from trusted industry professionals is a great way to breathe some fresh life into your project. We are able to provide a wide range of post-production services, get in touch to find out exactly what we can help you with.



Skillful editing using advanced techniques adds a huge amount of value to any project and can elevate your video above the competition.



Our team of talented professionals has over twelve years of combined experience in the industry, producing high quality, award-winning work.



With the right post-production services, we can make your content shine. Get in touch to find out which services are right for your video production.

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