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Get better equipped for your next project.

Whether you need support with the planning of your next production, to obtain the right equipment for the job, or in strategizing how you are going to achieve your creative goals - we are here to help you obtain the services  and crew-members that you require.


As a video production company based in Sheffield, we can provide you with the specific resources that you'll be needing to hire for your next video production venture. Get in touch for a full list of film crew and equipment hire prices.

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With a huge network at our disposal, we're here to advise on and provide you with the right specialists in all areas of production that can help you achieve success in your next creative venture

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From film camera to lighting equipment rental, all of our industry standard equipment is available to rent at affordable prices to help you elevate your project to the next level.



The pressure of putting a project together can be demanding. We're here to provide you with the pre-production support that you require, allowing you to focus on the details that will make your project shine.

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A brilliant project needs a brilliant team.

Nothing is more important than a great idea. Using the right people to deliver it with the justice it deserves is essential. We're here to help you build the team and the toolkit that will maximise the potential of your project. We will carefully listen to your project aims and work together with you to provide the optimum technical and creative services to ensure the success of your production.



When consulting with a member of our team, we will listen to your project's ambitions before outlining potential obstacles and providing efficient solutions.



Everything from behind the scenes content to deciding on the right distribution routes, our team will help your project stick the landing.



Having the right tools for the job is essential. Our technical director can discuss with you which of our cost effective kit will best suit your needs.

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