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'If Anything Happens I Love You' - Joe's Take

2020 I PG I 12mins I Dir: Michael Govier, Will McCormack

Grieving parents struggle with the loss of their daughter after a school shooting. An elegy on grief.

The hand drawn, (mostly) black and white, minimalist animation style really lends itself to the grief and sentiment happening on screen. The team have created a visual world that feels empty and missing of something for the characters which works incredibly well when combined with the piano score which both pulls you into the mood of the characters whilst managing to make you feel a sense of dread for what's to come.

The film had won me over quickly and I was captivated as soon as I was introduced to a grieving couple silently staring at their dinner, distanced from each other as their internal selves argued in silhouette form above them. The film goes on to cleverly use colour in a sparing way that initially serves as an upsetting reminder of a once happier life, before being cleverly worked into later moments to show progress in the grieving process.

Despite the specificity of its story, what is arguably most impressive about the film is its relatability through exploring the conflicting emotions we face about ourselves and each other whilst attempting to emotionally heal by cleverly showcasing the constant wrestle between our inner thoughts and outer expressions. I like that the film isn't one-note and that through using a visual representation of internal depression it shows us that the happier emotions are wanting to get out and therefore doesn't become too self indulgent in the sadness of its story.

A beautiful little film that provides comfort to the universal feelings of loss and grief that we all endure throughout our lives with a hard hitting relevance to our times.

Written By

Joe Gist

'If Anything Happens I Love You' Trailer

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